Coronavirus Update

 Today on my blog, i will be updating my information on the COVID-19 outbreak, because things are getting out of hand, and onto face. "So what's wrong?" says anyone who's been living under a rock deep, deep, underground, Well other than my horrible joke, a ton of things.  Tons of celebrities and influential people are getting it and many people are dying from this virus. Here in America  the numbers have skyrocketed in the hundred thousands in part thanks to Donald Trump's and the White House's terrifically terrible handling of this outbreak. Now this situation really scared me at first in part due to the all the celebrities getting it including the Donald Trump of the UK, Boris Johnson getting it to,and the friggin news, however thanks to certain internet videos and people I calmed a bit down about it but not to the point of complete corona ignorance. It kind of scares me that it was a "faraway" virus and then suddenly it hit the US and cases began skyrocketing into the hundred thousands. We have been going outside a bit but my parents have only been coming outside rarely for shopping trips and they shower immediately after and me and my dad have been going outside for other purposes however we'll barely walk anywhere and stay far away from people. However when I go outside I feel like I've commited a crime because the nearby Orange County which is just after our local Walmart has gone on complete lock down. However the one good part of this virus is all the wholesome things people are doing to help all of us staying home and also all the people that have to stay in work during this such as doctors, janitors and others. Anyways, see you in my next blog, hope we don't die.


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